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What Questions You Should Never Ask during a Job Interview?

Every day, I talk about some common interview questions and answers. Today, I'm here to do the opposite. I'm going to explain some questions you should never ask during a job interview. Whether it is your first or second interview, you better avoid them. I will tell you why you shouldn't ask them to clarify the whole position.

Q1. What Salary Package you are Offering?

In your first interview, you can't talk about salary, rise, or promotions. Your first interaction with the company is all about making a strong impression on your employer. If you talk about money, you will look greedy or needy. You don't want to paint that kind of picture in the mind of your hiring manager. Do you?

Q2. What does your company do?

Every hiring manager wants you to do some research about the company and job as a part of your interview preparation. Asking a question about the company and what it works makes you look bad. He will sense that you have come for a job interview unprepared.

Q3. Who are your competitors?

Every company has competitors, and some candidates like to inquire about competitors as they think it makes them look interested in the job position. However, it is not the right question to ask. During your research, try to gather data and information, not about the company but also its competitors.

question you should never ask during job interview

Q4.Why are you planning to Lay off your employees?

During the research, you might have come across some company scandals and news like layoffs or downsizing. It's an internal matter, first of all. Secondly, you should avoid gossiping about the company matters. You are just an outsider looking for a job, and this kind of confrontation won't increase your hiring chances.

Q5.How do you perform background checks?

This is a kind of question you should never ask from your employer. You must know that every company performs some background-checks before hiring any employer. However, asking about their procedure will send a red signal to your employer. They might think that you have something to hide.

Q6. Can I do Work from Home?

In a job description, every employer mentions whether a job is remote or in-house. In that case, when you ask this question from your employer, then he will think that you didn't read a job advertisement.

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interview questions never ask from employer

Q7. When Will you talk to my references?

Many people mention some references in their CV. It is a part of a resume. Some candidates are a bit worried about their references, so they inquire from the employer when they are going to talk to their references.

It is a kind of interview question that turns on the red alarm in the mind of your employer. Even when he hasn't had to talk to any reference, he will do it first thing in the morning.

Therefore, it is a kind of interview question not to ask during a job interview.

Q8.Does the company monitor employee's social networking?

Employee social monitoring's policy varies from one company to another. If your company keeps checks on your social profiles, it is a valid concern. However, it is better to leave this matter unchecked at this point. You can get into it once you have a job offer.

Q9. How often you review employee's performance?

Every employee is concerned about the performance review. It's a natural thing. Some companies review employee performance weekly, while other prefer it on a monthly or annual basis. It is okay to be a bit curious about this thing. However, it's better to circumvent this topic.

The reason for not asking this interview question from your employer is that he might think that you are worried about the review. He can feel that you are not confident about your job skills. Therefore you are asking about performance check.

Therefore, it is one of those interview questions you should never ask from your employers. It will ruin your impression, instead of giving it a boost.

Q10.When will I expect my job promotion?

Try to take baby steps. We all want to get promoted, but we have to get an appointment on a job, show our excellent performance before we expect all that.

It is an unwanted or completely baseless question.

The promotion will come into your way after you complete a few months on the job. So, it's too early to dig into this matter. Don't you think?

Q11. Is there any other job opportunity?

If you ask this question, then you give the impression that you are less interested in this current job because you are seeking some other job opportunities in Pakistan. Therefore, you should avoid this kind of question because it will leave a wrong impression on your employer.

Q12. Do you track when employees come and leave?

The answer to this question is "Yes", every company keeps full track of their employee activity, especially when they come and leave the office. If you expect them to pay you for the time when you are not working for them, then it's not happening in any workplace.

Wrap Up

I have explained some interview questions you should never ask from an employer during a job interview. Try to avoid those questions, which can leave a bad impression on the minds of your hiring manager. Be thoughtful!  

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