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How to Write an Email Asking for a Job Vacancy?

Do you have a specific job in your head, and you want to know whether the chances are still on to apply for it? Inquiring some people may not give you the right information. We invite you to go straight to the source and ask them about any job vacancy. If this task sounds difficult for you, you need to follow Fratres for effective professional correspondence.

How to Ask for a Job Vacancy?

job vacancy

Sometimes when you scroll down internet pages, some job offers to catch your attention. Reading the job description, you find out that the offer is a little bit outdated. This might confuse you since you didn’t find any closure date for the application. You decided to inquire about any job vacancies from the company itself and see the results.

You come up with this decision after:

  •  Proper research on all the internet pages for any information about the job offer.
  • When you tried to dial the phone numbers, but there was no response
  • When you have a small professional network, who are already clueless about the offer and didn’t hand you with further details.

Why Is It Good to Send an Email Inquiring for a Job?

If you are not convinced with this procedure, you need to know what you would mess up. It is not embarrassing to ask about job vacancies. This is not a form of mendacity. It is rather a strict procedure that might bring additional benefits to your job search techniques. Even if the job offer you found online is very outdated, you don’t know. Maybe there are still more possibilities to obtain the same offer. The aim is not to give up and get discouraged.

How to Write an Email Asking for a Job Vacancy?

Sending an email is not a complicated task. All you need to do, when you are reading the job offer from its official page, is to go to the tab “contact us.” You will find yourself in the email box of the company. You can directly send them a message, including your inquiries. Or you can drop them an email. First, copy-paste the company’s email and put it when you are going to compose your email. Then, you write in the subject line of your email “inquiring about job vacancies.” After that, you should decide about writing the content of your email.

What Should I Write Inside this Email?

Your content should be clear and concise. You are interested in a specific career, and you want to know is there a place for you. However, you need to introduce yourself in case you want to apply. By doing so, you can get the attention of employers.


You are addressing a recruiter, a hiring manager you need to choose the best way to address your sender. Check Most Appropriate Salutations and Greetings for Business Emails and Letters

2. Introduce yourself:

Take a few lines to inform recruiters about you and your intention to inquire about a specific job role.

3. Mention the source:

Introduce the job offer you found online. Write a short summary of it, including the reference number. Ask them if there any chance to accept your application.


apply for a job offer

Why do you have to postpone your application? Attach your resume with your contact information and show them that you are interested in the job. You can also check What to Say when Applying for a Job with No Experience in Your Cover letter? 

Here is an example:


To Whom it may concern,

My greetings!

I came across a job offer belonging to this company’s career site. The offer is for hiring a (write the job position, for example, mechanical engineer), posted in (write the date) under the reference (number). As a previous ( write your previous work if available, if not, print as a jobseeker), I found this offer very interesting. I already own the necessary qualifications and skills, matching this offer. However, I am wondering if there are any vacancies in this company regarding this career. I made a research to check more details about this offer, but I didn’t receive any response.

I am looking forward to hearing from you as near as possible, concerning this offer in specific and all the job openings in the upcoming days. I have attached my resume. Please check it.

Best Regards, 

Your name


Email address.


That was a sample mail that you can send it to the company’s official website or to any HR department. It is very general. It will help you reach out to employers and hiring managers. It will also enable you to get the exact information about that offer or any upcoming updates. Adding to this method, you can send a request letter.

How to Write a Request Letter for a Job Opportunity?

a request letter

Another ideal way to inquire about a job opportunity is to send a request letter. This letter will clear out many ambiguities about job openings. It will also help you sell yourself as a potential employee by showing interest in the company as a whole. Now take a look at the tips of writing this letter.

At the top of your page, write your name, date, contact information, and address.

Address your receiver following the format of a formal letter.

In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and your inquiry about a specific position.

In the second paragraph, illustrate the reason for your inquiry and try to promote yourself professionally.

In the third paragraph, request a job and try to insist on getting a response or an approval for your application.

You can also check How to Write the Best Cover Letter for a Job Application.

A request letter example:


 Your name 

Contact information, 


Dear Mr/ Mrs ( employer’s name or to whom it may concern)

A few days ago, I found a job offer belonging to this company’s official site. It is for hiring a (write the job position), posted in (write the date) under the reference (number). 

As a job seeker, I have an immense interest in this offer. I already own the necessary qualifications and skills, matching the required candidate in the job description. I am wondering about the possibilities of getting my insights and suggestions in this professional field. I hope to get the chance to apply for any vacancies in this company, as it is an exciting start in my career growth. 

I am writing this letter to request an opportunity regarding the job posted in (date) under the reference (write it’s number). I already sent an email with my attached resume to reach out to professionals. I am looking forward to hearing from you as near as possible, concerning my request for a job opportunity. You can reach me through (your email, phone number) 


Your name



Looking for professional endings? Here is what to do How to End a Letter, Salutations Sign off Examples

This is a general example of a cover letter. You can make the necessary changes related to the job you are applying for and expand this sample with useful details pertaining to your qualifications, experience, skills, and interests.


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